About Shri Dattatreya Prasad Annadhan Ashram


In the dwelling of Lord Vishwanath, His Holiness Shri Shri 1008 Maunibaba established "Shri Dattatrey Prasad Anndhan Ashram" for the welfare of Humanitarian.
In this unequaled Ashram, Shri Shri Maha Vishnuswaroop Shri Venkateshwar Ji, Shri Venugopal Ji, Shri Mahalaxmi Ji, Shri Mahasawaswati Ji, Shri Mahakali Ji, Shri Trimurtiswaroopa Bhagwati Rajrajeshwari, Shri Mahatripursundari, Shri Shri Mahameru Sriyantra, Shri Chakra etc. diety made from Granite rock. Countless Shaligram and Crystal Shivling are also splendid here. Akhandswaroop Divyajyoti Nandadeep also lit. With the darshan of these diety, You will always earn virtue.
Suprabhat, Shringar, Naivedya, Dhoop, Shayan Aarti are performed by Suvidya Pandits throughout the day to all idol idols.
The students who came to Kashi from distant provinces studying in Sanskrit language, who are proficient and penetrating in Shri Lalita Sahastranam, All the dieties are being served by well versed pandits along with Suprabhatam, Shringar, Naivedya, Dhoop and Shayan Aarti.
Students engaged in studying Sanskrit who came from different places to Kashi having got the proficiency in Shri Shukta Path, Purushsukta Path, Rudrashtadhyayi Path, Durga Saptsati Path, are welcomed in the ashram in order to offer pure prasad (Chawal, Dal, Roti and Sabji) to the established dietres together with their melodious chanting, as well as exclusive prasad for special occasion accordingly.
All Sant, Mahatma, Dandi Sanyasi, Grihasth and other human beings are also welcome to take prasad.

Daily Puja Timetable



Mangala Aarti


Pujan Abhishek


Mahshringar Aarti


Mahabhog Aarti


Uthapan (Opening of temple)


Darshan Starts


Evening Aarti


Mahabhog Aarti


Shayan Aarti